If done in immediate succession, always weight lifting first then cardio if strength is your main goal.

The study I refer to examines the magnitude of strength and muscle gain interference between HIT and moderate intensity cardio when combined with strength training. HIT or moderate intensity cardio was done by the subjects directly before strength training.

The graph shows the strength gained by subjects that followed an eight-week program. These subjects were separated into three groups, those who did resistance training only, resistance training and HIT, and resistance training and MOD. The strength gained from “RT only” group is far superior to combined training.



1️ “High and moderate intensity cardio interfered with strength gains and hypertrophy to a similar degree” It seems like the mode of cardio done doesn’t matter as much, as they both affect gains to a similar degree.

2️ “If your goal is to maximize gains in strength and muscle mass, your best bet is to limit any sort of endurance training to a bare minimum (or exclude it entirely).” Limit cardio in bulking phase

3️ If you need to perform endurance training, both high-intensity intervals and moderate intensity aerobic exercise seem to elicit the interference effect to roughly the same degree.”

4️ To minimize acute fatigue when strength training, try to separate resistance training and cardio training on different days.

All info can be found at under their MASS publication.

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