The most common regret I hear from gym goers is “I wish I didn’t waste time and started the correct way in the beginning.” This is my job, to make sure you are starting correctly and to set you up to succeed in the gym. It is also my job to make sure your efforts and attention are not wasted on the wrong channels but to be focused at all times to achieve your goals. No session will be wasted when you train with me because I have many tools in my arsenal to ensure you are progressing.

Change will require an in depth look into your current lifestyle, it may not be pretty but necessary, it is to help you be a fitter and healthier you. From the moment you walk into the gym, a good personal trainer would be assessing how you walk, how you sit and how might weaknesses or tightness in some muscle groups affect your posture. A lot of these bad habits are formed over decades and it may be the norm to you however it could be detrimental to your well being. I will unfold each layer of grit, work on your foundation first then progress you further when it is safe and push you close to your limits.


I would like to work with anybody that has the commitment and dedication to help themselves change for the better. I usually work with clientele of the general population and have worked with people as young as 18 to people above 50 years old; I was able to help them benefit from personal training. No matter where your starting point is we can always work on improving.


I track your progress through fat loss and strength.

Fat loss will be tracked with weekly measurements through “In body” composition machine, girth measurements (Chest, hip, waist, bicep, quad), daily AM body weight and skin-fold measurements.

I will track your strength by logging the weights used during each session for each exercise into a spreadsheet, this will ensure that you will always have a target to beat when you enter the gym; be better than the YOU from last week.

If your trainer is not logging your progress in one way or another, fire him!

Example of spreadsheet that I use to log your progress


Yes and No. A lot of women come to me and say “I don’t want to look like you and I don’t want to become bulky.” The truth is you can’t! Not for the short 3 months you plan to train leading up to summer.

Men and women experience the same physiological adaptations when exposed to resistance training. Namely increase in strength, hypertrophy in skeletal muscles, stronger tendons and ligaments, increase in bone density, better muscle mitochondria function. However the magnitude of these adaptations will be different in men and women. Testosterone has direct and indirect anabolic effects for muscle hypertrophy. The amount of testosterone secreted in your body will determine the rate and amount of muscle you can gain and women just don’t have high levels of testosterone as compared to men to become bulky quickly. The adult male body will manufacture between 2.5mg – 11mg per day while females produce about 1/4mg.

In terms of programming, I do focus on different muscle groups for men and women. For men, I tend to focus on chest/shoulder/biceps and triceps/back while less on legs. For women I tend to focus on muscles that are deemed more feminine. Hamstrings/glutes/upper back and shoulders.


No, the per session fee I charge covers personal training only, the gym we train together at can only be used during that personal training hour. Gym facilities include workout towels, shower towels, individual shower stalls, hair drier and filtered water machine.


“It’s been a journey; and I’m glad I have someone with me all the way. 18 months ago, I decided it was time to push myself further physically. I had my exercise routine and PT training, but i felt I could be better. As to how and what? I had no idea. Then I met Will: turned out the be someone who knows myself better than I do. First thing that got me was how amazingly observant he is. Will notices the tiniest movement and guided me all the way. From big muscles to areas I never noticed. I had no idea I could lift like this if it wasn’t for him, plus no injuries!! I began not knowing what deadlifts were and am now doing heavier than body weight for reps. That sense of achievement and the adrenaline rush just keeps me coming back!! It might be tough, yet he knows when to push you to your last bit without beating you down. That feel good factor is gratifying. Will is also extremely knowledgeable on what he is doing. When I have a technical question, he gets back to me with scientific proof and studies. When I have food cravings, he gives practical solutions and supplements suggestions. I have not only gotten physically more fit, mentally more strong but also gained an invaluable friend who happens to be my PT.” – Grace L.

“One of the best personal trainers I’ve worked with. As a trainer, Will is very professional and is able to customize his workouts to suit the needs of the client. He also adds a personal touch and effort by being in constant communication with his clients to track their daily routines. Definitely highly recommended!” – Vanessa J.

“Training with Will has been a life changing experience for me; I have tried everything from running to going to the gym to yoga to spinning but nothing really sticks, training with him really made a big difference; I have gained more strength and energy that I have ever had and toned my body in the way I didn’t think was possible.  Will is very considerate and thoughtful and knows his clients very well and he is passionate with what he is doing which can’t help but having an impact on you.  Highly recommend and happy to be of reference.” – Wendy Z.

“I can highly recommend Will as a PT especially because I never believed that a PT could actually help anyone, this was until I decided to do something drastic as my weight was getting out of control. I met Will when he was working at UP, he not only helped me with my physical well being but also my mentality towards stressful situations that life (in HK) throws at you. I lost almost 12 kg and then had a break for 7 months but with the knowledge he gave me I managed to maintain that weight very successfully. I’m back training with him again this year 2017 and feeling fantastic with his guidance and calm mannerism, he is certainly someone I would trust to get you results where many would fail” – Naveet M.

“The most professional personal trainer I ever had.
Will knows exactly which exercises apply to get desirable results.
His knowledge and precise eye provides safe workout for your joints and spine even with the most heavy weights.

We all know the biggest struggle is the food.. no worries, he’s there for you as well.
Will going to provide you a menu, specialized to your needs.
He takes care about all the needed factors, to make you reach the top.

I’m training with Will more than 8 months. In this time I had many difficult moments and he was there for me, more than as a trainer but as a friend.
Always motivating, pushing but listening and understanding.
He made me to become a better version of myself.
Do you want to change the way you look, improve your body and strength (as well as mental one)? Would you like to have more energy and confidence? I couldn’t send you to a better person.” – Nisan S.