Feel like you’ve reached a plateau but think you’ve got a good understanding on how to execute exercises? Not quite sure why you’re not progressing with your program?

This is the service you need. You will receive calorie goals to match your body weight goals which will be reviewed weekly. As for programs you will train in 5-8 week blocks with a complete change in program after each cycle. Constant feedback and review ensures that you are progressing. Contact:

Price: 1,500 HKD per month | Minimum 1 month / 3 months / 6 months / 1 year option

You can expect

  • Initial in depth questionnaire and video analysis of your squat, hip hinge, bench press and overhead press
  • 2 way communication. Primary communication will be done through email and Google sheets, I reply within 24 hours
  • Complete change in training program every 5-8 week, I prefer to train in 6 week blocks
  • Daily measurement of AM body weight needed / Bi weekly progress pictures assessment
  • Revision of coaching strategy based on results
  • Calorie and macro-nutrient manipulation
  • Supplement advice