Want to start keeping fit but don’t know where to start? Personal training is a great way to begin, you should always start the right way in order to prevent long term damage. I train clients in a safe environment, always pushing you close to your limit, beyond what you expect from yourself but never till you break. One on one training allows me to keep close attention on you at all times. For ideal results train three times a week with 90% compliance on diet.

HKD 900 per hour – Minimum session package of 12 (I need you to be committed to the process in order to see results)

You can expect

  • Detailed programming tailored to your level
  • Progression in exercises as you become fitter
  • Weekly body composition measurement
  • Revision of coaching strategy based on results
  • Nutritional and healthy lifestyle habit coaching
  • Supplement advice
  • 1 Hour professional workout photo shoot when transformation is reached