“It was a pleasure to work with Will over these last few weeks as he has helped me in focussing my mind in addition to working on my physical strength and weight reduction. His appeal is that he is able to guide you in both diet AND exercise and has a very extensive knowledge of food and nutrition. Overall I have been very happy with the progress I have made and feel that he has opened up another world to me, that of gyms, intensive workouts and nutrition.”

Robert J. McMahon

“I can highly recommend Will as a PT especially because I never believed that a PT could actually help anyone, this was until I decided to do something drastic as my weight was getting out of control. I met Will when he was working at UP, he not only helped me with my physical well being but also my mentality towards stressful situations that life (in HK) throws at you. I lost almost 12 kg and then had a break for 7 months but with the knowledge he gave me I managed to maintain that weight very successfully. I’m back training with him again this year 2017 and feeling fantastic with his guidance and calm mannerism, he is certainly someone I would trust to get you results where many would fail”

Naveet M.

“Training with Will has been a life changing experience for me; I have tried everything from running to going to the gym to yoga to spinning but nothing really sticks, training with him really made a big difference; I have gained more strength and energy that I have ever had and toned my body in the way I didn’t think was possible.  Will is very considerate and thoughtful and knows his clients very well and he is passionate with what he is doing which can’t help but having an impact on you.  Highly recommend and happy to be of reference.”

Wendy Z

“One of the best personal trainers I’ve worked with. As a trainer, Will is very professional and is able to customize his workouts to suit the needs of the client. He also adds a personal touch and effort by being in constant communication with his clients to track their daily routines. Definitely highly recommended!”

Vanessa J.

“It’s been a journey; and I’m glad I have someone with me all the way. 18 months ago, I decided it was time to push myself further physically. I had my exercise routine and PT training, but i felt I could be better. As to how and what? I had no idea. Then I met Will: turned out the be someone who knows myself better than I do. First thing that got me was how amazingly observant he is. Will notices the tiniest movement and guided me all the way. From big muscles to areas I never noticed. I had no idea I could lift like this if it wasn’t for him, plus no injuries!! I began not knowing what deadlifts were and am now doing heavier than body weight for reps. That sense of achievement and the adrenaline rush just keeps me coming back!! It might be tough, yet he knows when to push you to your last bit without beating you down. That feel good factor is gratifying. Will is also extremely knowledgeable on what he is doing. When I have a technical question, he gets back to me with scientific proof and studies. When I have food cravings, he gives practical solutions and supplements suggestions. I have not only gotten physically more fit, mentally more strong but also gained an invaluable friend who happens to be my PT.”

Grace L.